Renewable Chemicals

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In the renewable chemicals industry we can observe a number of emerging companies with different business models – some of which succeed while others fail for different reasons. A number of companies in the space have their roots in technology development or biotechnological research and are trying to capitalise on their previous success with prototypes of their processes or on their success in the laboratory. One of the particularly popular models is licensing where the company in question holds the rights on a technology or process which it licenses out to other companies that use it for industrial production and pay a fee in return.

Spinning-out is a question of mentality

University research is one of the cornerstones of technology development in many industries and their scientists conduct independent work. In the course of this work, the researchers often find a way that could help to improve existing processes and technologies. The number of patents that universities and their academic staff hold is large in most industrialised regions, especially in the European Union and the United States.

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