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German based F.O. Licht are the leading soft commodity analysts, reporting on a wide range of commodities, including sugar, grain, coffee, molasses, ethanol and biofuels, with reports online and in print. With over 140 years’ experience, F.O. Licht offers unrivalled and timely information across an extensive portfolio of publications and services.

Licht Interactive Data

Licht Interactive Data gives you access to the largest and most comprehensive database of world commodity statistics – at your fingertips. Available online in an easy-to-use interactive format, the powerful search software allows you to locate, interrogate and retrieve data on soft commodities that will help you to identify trends and opportunities within your market.
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International Coffee Report
F.O. Licht’s International Coffee Report is the world-renowned newsletter for the coffee industry. Providing market news, production forecasts, world and individual country balances, economic analysis and international prices and statistics.
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International Sugar & Sweetener Report
F.O. Licht’s International Sugar & Sweetener Report is the leading newsletter for the sugar industry. Providing market news, economic analysis, production forecasts, world and individual country balances and international prices, it covers raw sugar, white sugar, starch sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.
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World Grain Markets Report
World Grain Markets Report offers the latest market news, analysis and statistics for the international grains industry and covers soft wheat, durum wheat, barley, maize/corn, rye, oats, sorghum, millet and buckwheat.
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World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Report
World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Report is the expert report for the animal feed industry. Covering molasses, beet pulp, citrus pulp pellets, US corn gluten feed and meal, compound feed, US DDGS and tapioca, the report provides you with market news, production forecasts, economic analysis and prices.
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World Biomass & Cogeneration Report
F.O. Licht’s World Biomass & Cogeneration Report is the authoritative report for the expanding biomass and cogeneration industry. This new monthly report provides news, comment, analysis and statistics on biomass and cogeneration markets worldwide.
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World Ethanol Price Report
F.O. Licht’s World Ethanol Price Report is the weekly report that includes contract and spot prices for fuel, beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical grades. All contract and spot prices are delivered per hl pure alcohol. This industry leading report also provides concise market comment for all the major ethanol producing regions worldwide.
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World Biodiesel Price Report
F.O. Licht’s World Biodiesel Price Report is published weekly and includes biodiesel prices for West, Central and East Europe, USA and Southeast Asia, physical palm oil and palm olein prices in Malaysia, physical soy oil prices for USA, Brazil, Argentina and Europe, physical rapeseed oil prices for Europe and European prices for glycerine and methanol. The report also includes concise market-moving news and comment from F.O. Licht analysts.
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